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Here we go....

Hello people.

It's been just over a week since we left Canada, time to finally get this blog up and running. Sunday morning was an absolute disaster. We were both brutally hungover and the apartment was in shambles and in no condition to be rented out. Oh yeah, and we still had to pack. Oh well, it was well worth it, we both had a blast the night before we left. John, Nate and Nicole were nice enough to give us a hand packing up and moving our stuff out to Coquitlam the following morning, thanks again guys. The only real break we got that day was to quickly devour a turkey dinner that Cale's mom cooked for us, surely the last one we will have in a long time. From there we crammed our possessions in to our knapsacks and hauled ass down to the airport just to find out that our flight had been delayed 2 hours. Fuck. As much as we could have used those 2 hours to get ready, it was nice to relax and have a coffee with everyone who saw us off at the airport, and Ivana's dad and Cale's mom got to finally meet. I'm not gonna lie, there may have been a tear or two when we had to say goodbye, and as soon as we checked our bags we made a b-line for the bar. Mmm, goodbye ceasars. Unfortunately the caffeine buzz and the cramped seats didn't allow for much shut eye on the plane. For most of the flight Ivana watched the chick flicks the plane was showing and Cale stared blindly at the back of the seat in front of him.

Frankfurt. Not much to say. We arrived exhausted, and immediately booked a hotel; which turned out to be in the middle of nowhere. We passed right out. Fucking jet lag, we both woke up at 3am, starving and wide awake. The 3 hour wait for the complimentary breakfast felt like an eternity, but it was well worth it. We made sure to swipe a couple wiener schnitzels for the bus ride back to the airport.

We were now Serbia-bound. The rusty JAT Boeing 737 was sketchy as hell (Kat you were right), but thankfully the wings stayed on for the whole flight and we arrived safely at the Nikola Tesla airport. Ivana's Majka (grandma) was nice enough to have a taxi waiting for us. Cale immediately loved Serbia, and found the random herds of goats along the highway and the wandering "gypo kids" amusing. As planned, we arrived for Majka's birthday and celebrated with champagne, a delicious Serbian feast and flowers.

One week later...

We're getting fat. Majka's cooking is fantastic. Thank god we are carrying around heavy backpacks for the next couple years. Oh yeah, did I mention the 2$ 2L beer. Mmm, Jelen pivo. But we haven't just been gorging ourselves the whole time, Vrsac is a beautiful city and we have spent a lot of time exploring it.

And that leaves us where we are now, sitting in the cafe at the Villa Breg. A beautiful 5 star hotel that overlooks the whole city and plays wicked classic rock. It's well worth the long hike up the hill to get here. Our plan from here on are to explore Serbia for the next week or so, then head to Venice to catch a flight to Paris. We spend 2 days there before heading out to London to rip it up with Scotty, Gene and Nigel for a couple days. We literally just booked our flight to Bangkok, we arrive the morning of the 17th.

That's it for now. Photos to come later.

Cale & Ivana.

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